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Hi I'm Dan and I'm an aspiring published author. I write sci-fi/fantasy novelette, novellas, and novels. I push myself to try new styles and genres to learn to be a better writer. I'd love to get my worlds into your hands. Support me however you can whether with a small tip or just reading my work!


My free query letter research for fellow aspiring authors: Google Doc

I've written several sci-fi pieces in varying forms of drafts and one fantasy novella. I'd like to use your help to pay for professional finishing services for my stories. This includes cover artists, grammar/spelling editors, and composition and design pros. Help me take my game to the next level!

candii's quest mock book coverspace sex therapy cover

My first romance novella!

Silver Winner of the Webnovel WPC #249, Feburary 21, 2022
"Fantastic worldbuilding that leads to an immersive Sci-fi world, paired with a realistic depiction of bitter exes forced to work together for the greater good. Would love to know if they get back together in future!"

Federation space officer Aria Pantel's world is filled with challenge. She's haunted by actions of her past and forever being hassled by the arrogant Dr. Hansel Heinrich, a lover turned pain in the ass from the Academy. She just wants to stick it to all the doubters thinking she'd never crawl out from her father's military shadow. Yet her universe begins to spiral down a black hole when an unidentified ship of alarming origin blasts across her bow and risks destroying the fledgling humanoid settlement on the planet below that she's grown quite fond of. Will she open herself to resources that can heal her heart, save the humanoid settlement, and all the while keep Hansel from mucking it all up?

Published by: CHOU! Book, 2022
Author: Daniel Chou
Cover artist: Daniel Chou

candii's quest mock book cover
My first published work!

Candii's Quest: The Search for the 30 Unicorn Pearls
Candii, the Rock Hall of Fame bassist of the world's greatest band, The Non-Traditional Key Gullz, believed retirement would be all sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows. However, after the evil wizard queen Morgana loots the magic from her 30 pet unicorns, Candii must travel to the Land of Rock and jam her way through hordes of magical minions to save her ranch! It won't be easy especially when the Band finds out that in the Land of Rock evil isn't so easily understood!

Candii's Quest is a musical novella that instructs you to play music during certain parts of each chapter. Rock out to 24 famous songs spanning from the 70's until today that set the tone and excitement for each action sequence. Candii will be rolling in the deep as she travels the boulevard of broken dreams. It'll be a bittersweet symphony as she holds out for a hero only to learn that it is her all along. "Don't stop me now", she'll cry!

Published by: CHOU! Book, 2021
Author: Daniel Chou
Editor: Marci Chou
Cover artist: Tina Frost

Works in Progress

Vibrant Steel. YA sci-fi novel. Completed substantiative editing. Completed copy editing. Seeking Agent.

Viral. A super hero novelette. First draft complete.

The Memory Train. A mystery novelette. First draft complete.

Untiltled post-apocalypse science fiction. YA sci-fi novel series. Still writing content.

Collaborative Partners and Freelancers

Tina Frost. Graphic artist for Candii's Quest cover. Contact

Marci Chou. Copy Editor.

Greta Henderson. Substantiave Editor. Contact