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Seventeen-year-old Red’s colony has been isolated for nearly a millennium. As a member of the Rover Order, Red investigates the mysterious steel arches that possibly link her world to the ancient Earth they left behind. But when an arch unexpectedly calls for Red to step inside, she challenges the Order’s strict rules for a chance to finally be known for more than her family’s generational shame.

Transported haphazardly across the stars, Red greets travelers hailing from an entire galaxy of fascinating societies. No longer hidden, humanity’s truth will challenge everything she knows. And one other surprise awaits her-an intergalactic war machine on the brink of destroying everything she's discovering to love.

Can Red and her new friends put aside their differences long enough to rally the galaxy? And will she find her way home?

Like Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Vibrant Steel combines action, adventure, and complex characters. Vibrant Steel also delves into questions of identity and morality, paralleling the exploration of self similarly to Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice. And like Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, Vibrant Steel features a strong female protagonist, high-stakes battles, and a sense of wonder about the cosmos.



First edition published by: CHOU! Books, 2023. Author: Daniel G. Chou. Substantiative Editor: Greta Henderson. Copy Editor: Marci Chou. Cover artist: Daniel G. Chou & DALL-E 2.
Science fiction and adventure for a young and new-adult audience.
Tags: female-lead, coming of age, hero team-up, portals, space, aliens, adventure
ISBN: 979-8-9884664-0-6


"Hooked after the first chapter!
--Goodreads review by reader Halley Gibbs. 5/5 stars

"What a great read."
--Goodreads review by reader Fi Kidd. 5/5 stars

"A riveting journey filled with adventure, introspection, and mystery."
--All Ages of Geek reporter Ryder Sterling

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