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Office of Student Activities

Kim Christian - Awesome Director

The Office of Student Activities provides our students with the following services:

  • Color House activities
  • Maintenance of student organizations
  • Seasonal celebration coordination (Homecoming, Spring Fling, Summerpalooza)
  • Seasonal CelebrationS

    Summerpalooza 2014

    The Office of Student Activities concludes Spring Fling 2015! Events were scheduled for April 15 - 17, 2015. Read about all the events and the wrap-up Press Release about the charity volleyball game on the Official Page sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.

    Spring Fling 2015 Official Page


Color House points

Color Houses With the collaboration of the Office of Admissions and the Office of Housing, C!U places incoming students into 5 Color Houses. The Office of Student Activities awards color points during seasonal celebrations such as Homecoming, Spring Fling, and Summerpalooza.

Competitive school activites award points to the Color House of the winning student(s). Celebrations may convey specific titles during and at it's conclusion, such as the coveted title of Top House.


Color Cup Fall 2013 Color Cup: The Top House earns a Color Cup, the most beautiful and highest honor a House at C!U can earn.sad house logo

Alternatively, to encouarge houses who are behind to still participate, the Color House with the lowest point total is designated the Sad House. Therefore, whether you're running towards or away from titles, there's a role for you during our seasonal celebrations!


Final Point Totals: Spring Fling April 15-17 2015

Race for color cup

Student Clubs

Student ClubsAt C!U, we believe strongly that student-to-student interaction greatly enhances the collegiate experience. Thus, students can join as many student-led clubs as they like. Club rosters will be reset each semester, so recruitment will be cyclical. Club rosters contribute to Color House points periodically during the semester.

Learn more about joining or creating your own club on C!U's ClubSink.

Student Clubs on ClubSink

Seasonal Celebrations

Summerpalooza 2014Spring Fling 2013homecoming2013

The Office of Student Activities host a Seasonal Celebration three times a year.

  • Homecoming in the fall revolves around the selection of a Royal. Nominated and voted on by C!U students, one Homecoming Royal brings honor to their Color House. The week ends with a press release covering the events of the big Homecoming football game.
  • Spring Fling in the spring is a week of sport-like creative activities. Color Houses compete in creative sports to bring their house glory. One C!U student is nominated and chosen by C!U faculty to be the Most Valuable Player of the big Spring volleyball game.
  • Summerpalooza turns the dial down to relaxation mode. Fun competitions every day, students share their stories of their cool summer vacations. One story is selected and honored as Coolest Summer Vacation.

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